Monday, January 01, 2007

My Cellar

(Note: This post is updated every once in while so it is 'up to date')

To get a better sense of my wine interest, here are my cellar stats (as of Sept/07):

Total bottles: Red 495/White 17/Sparkling 8

Generally speaking, I consider myself a 'value' guy - very few of the famous first growths, Napa cult wines, super-Tuscans, etc. Whites are under-represented, as I tend to buy these on an 'as-needed' basis. (they don't sit around for too long... )

Amongst my reds France comprises 34%, with Bordeaux nearly half (16%) and the Rhone representing 9%. Burgundy and other (Madiran, Cahors, Languedoc) regions make up the balance.

Italy is next at 26% (Tuscany at 12%, Piedmont at 10%), Australia remains 14%, and Spain has continues to represent a very low 6% (drink these too quickly). American Wine Month did a number on my USA selection, now down to 7%, which should reverse with my upcoming Sonoma trip. South America has crept up to 7%, with the balance coming from dessert wines (variety of countries) and other formats/countries.

For whites, I have only just begun collecting ageworthy wines, so this number is set to grow. However, what I have is generally for everyday drinking. I have a clear preference for Alsace whites, but I experiment heavily so I haven't settled into a white routine as of yet.

Note: the picture above is deceiving - the floor is covered with bottles.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Joe! Sadly, with constant moving and a lack of space, I haven't had the opportunity to set up something similar, but am really looking forward to doing so as soon as I get settled somewhere.

What are your Top 5 most prized imbibable possessions?

Joe said...

Thanks for the comment, Erin. Good luck setting up your cellar once you get settled (I recommend "How and Why to Build a Wine Cellar" by Richard M. Gold Ph.D.).
My top 5 posessions? Top 5 means I would cry the longest if one of these bottles broke: a 2001 Chateau Beaucastel 'Hommage a Jacques Perrin', a 1999 Ornellaia, a 1999 Banfi Poggio All'Oro, a 2003 Cardinale, and a 2001 Benjamin Romeo Contador.
Never touched any of them. They are pretty young because I just started collecting a few years ago and I haven't been able to pony up the $$ for the older stuff.

David said...

sounds like a good selection! your photo reminds me I've got to expand my 24 bottle wine rack!

Joe said...

don't do it - it's a slippery slope!