Friday, November 16, 2007

What is "Odd"?

My wine tasting group is having an "oddities" night tomorrow. Chris' free-for-all format is somewhat of a departure from our formal tastings, where we each try and outdo one another in a region or grape of focus.

So, what exactly is an "oddity"? I suspect odd may be a function of where you currently live. I certainly would not think it odd to taste a Canadian wine, but an Aussie might think that to be a freakshow. Anyway, "oddity" has not been clearly defined, leaving us to "free our creative minds". Fair to say that odd regions, or odd grapes from normal regions, are the focus.

I am not sure what exactly was the catalyst for this unusual event, but expect some fun stuff to be poured. I am contributing a Spanish Petit Verdot, but I think we may see some neat (for a Montrealer) stuff from Lebanon, Greece and who knows what else. I will report back soon - please pass along any "odd" wine stories.



Edward said...


Have been pondering what I would consider an odd wine. Would it be a classic wine that I don't drink much off, or just something esoteric and peripheral (odd grape and odd region). Hard to know, and I guess that's the fun of the tasting that's been arranged. Am keen to hear what else is offered up.

Barry said...

'Odd' can sometimes lead to exotic wines that the person thinks might be worth trying..although they have never tried them..a danger when guests are not experienced.Sometimes trying TOO hard to find an oddity leaves you with a mouthful of *******
However, your lot wouldn't do that to you Joe..would they?


Joe said...

Hi Edward - I think we had a lot of odd grape/odd region. I recommend the Chateau Musar for a "walk on the wild side"

Hi Barry - fortunately the guests were willing and experienced, and we did succeed in finding some *****! But I also discovered the Musar...