Sunday, March 20, 2011

2000 Feudi di San Gregorio "Serpico"

This Aglianico bottling ranks among my favourite wines of all time - always a treat to open one of these, and it was especially enjoyable to try this blind on some of my wine buds.

The 2000 Feudi di San Gregorio "Serpico" was very minerally on the nose, cooked dark berries, meaty and inky, later some hints of lavender - reminiscent of my prior Serpico tastings it coughs up its olfactory secrets slowly, but your patience is well rewarded.

Very, very, very, dry, tongue puckering dry, gobs of silky, silky, tannins ... such an incredibly long finish. Opened for some after dinner sipping, but it merited a pairing of roast meat (rack of lamb, perhaps?).
Cork. 14% alcohol
Score: 18/20
Price: C$89 (SAQ)


Novella said...

Hi we're reading your interesting post and we're happy to see that you appreciate Serpico and Aglianico grape. We love this vine, his history and his potentiality.Do you know our wines? Please let us know on our fan page “I Vini dei Feudi di San Gregorio”!
Feudi di San Gregorio Team

Shea said...

Have you tried Mastroberardino's Radici Riserva bottlings? They can be profound as well. If you like Serpico I recommend seeking them out.

The 2000 sounds compelling!

Henry Jeffreys said...

I love Taurasi Radici. I remember a trip to Campania about 7 years ago when £1 was worth nearly 2 euros. Drank a lot of good wine on that holiday.