Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Spooky" Wine Pairings - Spicy Wild Boar Sausage

(source: Brooklynguy)

Sometimes a bad pairing destroys a great bottle. That's what happened with a bottle of 2006 Domaine du Salvard Cheverny, a wine I was so looking forward to and highly recommended by Brooklynguy.

Coming home from work I see this prized bottle open on the table. Excited, I ask my wife "What's for dinner?" When she replied wild boar sausage, I thought to myself "not perfect, but not too bad". I smelled the wine - beautiful, rich sauvignon blanc, almost new world. Then I took a bite of the sausage....yikes! Filled with red pepper! Fearing a frying pan to the head I took great pains not to complain about the inappropriate opening of my Salvard. To her credit, I am not sure there is a good pairing for spicy wild boar sausage. And who the heck thought of putting the pepper in there anyway?

Anyway, no detailed tasting note for this wine today, other than to say it was absolutely delicious sipping once my tastebuds recovered - rich, pink grapefruity, nice balance. I promise to buy another bottle, hide it from my wife, and report back to you soon. With Halloween nearly upon us, please pass along any other truly "spooky" pairings that I should avoid.

PS -Neil, I temporarily swiped your photo, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you handled this perfectly Joe. I made the mistake once of criticizing BrooklyLady's pairing when she opened a bottle...ONCE. I'm glad you liked the wine though. Interesting that you found it to be almost new world - i didn't think so at all. looking forward to your notes once you find a better pairing. And I would go with a chianti or even a pinot with boar sausage.

Joe said...

Yep, tread very carefully when someone has just made you a nice dinner...I said "almost" new world in that it seemed softer and less acidic than I would expect from the region - more NZ-ish. It still had that nice minerality, though.